Mono-Side Loading/Downloading Machine

car monolat jumbo [800x600]

The basic structure supports steel-made shafts with transporting wheels. The wheels are moved by chain operated by motors and inverter. Hydraulic system for the arms tilting, vacuum pump and electric system are aside the machine.


Automatic loading/downloading machine with vacuum pads placed along the tilting arms.

The movement of the glass sheet is on wheels and gears, and it is placed and "put to zero" automatically.


We offer the possibility to connect the machine to other machines and set it to communicate with the rest of the line.


The structure is strong and can resist to solicitation and sliding even for strong thickness.

Type Standard Max. Glass Dim.
Standard Min. Glass Dim.
Glass Thickness
Glass sheet placement
Working Height
CM01 3210x2600 mm
1800x1500 mm 3-19 mm
60 seconds ca.
950 +/- 20 mm
CM02 6000x3210 mm 3200x2000 mm 3-19 mm 60 seconds ca. Oil-dynamic 950 +/- 20 mm