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Carrello A Batteria

CPC-E Glass Packs Carriage With Batteries

Made for the storage and transport of glass, they can be built according to the specific requests of the customer.

The glass can be placed on both sides of the structure, the Carriage CPC-E with rechargeable batteries is the best solution to store or transport glass in your workshop.


Our standard dimension are: 3000x1200xH2200 mm with Kg 4000 capacity but, according to specific requests, they can be built with different dimension and capacity.


All our standard models have two hooks on the top of the structure to ease the lift by overhead cranes or jib-cranes.


Our carriages with rechargeable batteries are for ideal for those customers that, due to height problems inside the facotry, cannot receive the glass close to a download area. The glass carraige allows the operator to move easily glass packs, being able to carry two packs per time.

This carriage is confortable and useful also for the daily use inside the glass workshop.





Progettati per lo stoccaggio del vetro su misura in base alle richieste del cliente; tra le sue caratteristiche, ritroviamo la portata a Kg. 1800, la sua funzionalità e leggerezza nello scorrimento. La Struttura portante può eventualmente essere smontabile.